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ABC Financial Services offers loans from R 200 to R 8000, from 1 to 6 months to repay

What You Need To Bring

A Cell Phone Number

Your ID Book

Latest Payslip

3 Month Bank Statement

How much will you repay

Due to the changing interest rates and charges please request a FREE quotation.  Please see the estimated instalment & total payable on the above table. 

All instalments payable the following: Initiation Fee, Service Fee, Interest, CPI Fee & VAT.

First loan per calendar year is 5% per month and 3% per month thereafter for the remainder of the year. Calculated Pro-rata on the number of days in the month

Find below an example of instalments repayable over one, three & six months. This is just an example and as all instalments on based on a NCR Pro-rata calculation.
1 Month loans
Loan Amount
R 500
R 800
R 1000
R 1100
R 1200
R 1300
R 1400
R 1500
R 5000
R 651.79
R 1010.74
R 1250.04
R 1369.69
R 1489.34
R 1608.99
R 1722.89
R 1836.79
R 5823.29
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